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A River City?
Are you considering a move?

We live in the sleepy town of Junction city, ten miles from Eugene, that could be called a River City, for the Willamette River runs through it, and a bit to the east, the McKenzie River runs into that. (The Photo is of the McKenzie.)

So, if you like rivers, here’s a place for you.

Or if you like forests, rain, and green. And in the springtime, even the scruffiest homes glow from the flowers that pop up seemingly overnight.

The forests smell like life, and the deer and wild turkeys wander through yards. It’s the home of the mighty DUCKS and the world-class Hayward Field at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Hayward Field was renovated in 2004 into one of only five International Association of Athletics Federations Class 1 certified tracks in the United States.

Is your kid into the track?

Eugene has an International airport, one of the reasons we moved here for then my husband was commuting. The airport is located between us in Junction City and Eugene.

I see a lot of old folks going out to dinner and such, so this area must be healthy, or it’s so beautiful they don’t want to leave.

You will find varied cultures in Eugene, from a Rodeo crowd to attendees to the Hult Center for performing arts—which has world-renowned performances such as Cats, Stomp, and Les Miserables. And then there is the Country Fair where, if you are not offended by lack of dress, you will find fun, music, superb food, and artist’s creations, with living sustainably information thrown in, plus a shower with the water heated from a compost heap. (Pipes running through it.)

Vineyards grow abundantly in the vicinity, with Wineries showing their wares at Art in the Vineyard in September.

The coast is about a mile and a half drive from Eugene, and when I’m in Florence, OR, I must have my favorite salted caramel ice cream in a waffle cone at BJ’s Ice Cream Parlor –it’s worth the drive.

Hi, I’m Nina,

We’re a mother and daughter team here at Vibrance Real Estate LLC. I’m the daughter and Principal Broker.

We are pleased to serve you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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Hi, I’m Jo,

I’m a Real Estate Agent here at Vibrance. We’re called Brokers in Oregon–agent or broker, either way it’s the same. Nina is the principal Broker, so it is her responsibility is to make sure her mom dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s.

And consider this–with a mother and daughter team, you are getting two Brokers for the price of one.

If you need someone to search for that dream home, we’d be happy to help.

List your home with us, and we”ll get the job done. If buying a home is what you need, we’d love pairing up a home with its people.

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And who can resist a Pink Flamingo For Sale Sign in your yard?